A little bit about French Fest

Our idea was to create an affordable, safe Party on New Years Eve. Away from all the chaos but surrounded by good company, good vibes and amazing talent. Well on the Mornington Peninsula you can't get much more secluded and serene than French Island.

It was an idea built from the ground up, Literally - even the stage was hand built by a couple of the crew from wood milled on the island by some of the locals.

Our focus is to highlight some of the talent that the Mornington Peninsula and Australia has to offer. Music ranging from acoustic, blues, Funk, Folk, Reggae, rock n roll, hip hop, electronic and dance. Also hosting a range of local artwork and Fresh produce. It is an over 18s event!

We also have a strict NO DICKHEAD policy! If you are one, don't bother buying a ticket, you can be refused entry or asked to leave.

With last year being the 1st annual French Fest we can only get bigger and better. We are scouting Victoria and Australia to bring you the best so come on and join the party, support our local artists and help make this a memorable experience for everyone involved.